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2 Large Croissants
4 Slices of Bacon
4 Slices of Turkey Breast
2 Slices of Swiss Cheese
3 oz Cream Cheese (soft)
2 Tbs Cranberry Sauce (whole or jelly)
1 Tomato (sliced)

Cook the bacon until crisp over medium high heat, while the bacon cooks place 2 slices of overlapping turkey portions onto a cookie sheet and the other portion on the opposite end of the sheet. When the bacon is done remove from the pan and drain on paper towel, lay 2 slices of bacon onto each portion of turkey. Place a piece of cheese on top of the bacon and place under a heated broiler until melted and brown. Mix the cream cheese and cranberries then spread onto both halves of the croissant. Slice the tomato and shred some lettuce, when the cheese has melted and browned remove from the oven and place a portion of turkey onto one half of the croissant and top with tomato and lettuce then top with the other half of croissant, serve with a bowl of soup and enjoy.