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Turkey Stuffing Casserole

2 C. Chopped Leftover Turkey
3 C. Leftover Stuffing
3 Small Yukon Gold Potatoes (Cubed)
1 Medium Onion (Diced)
4 C. Leftover Turkey Gravy
2 C. Chicken Broth
1 ½ C. Leftover Corn (Peas, Green Beans, or Carrots)
Corn Starch

Boil your Potatoes for approx. 15 minutes, drain, and then place everything into the pot and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Using equal amounts of water and corn starch thicken the filling to your desired consistency. While the filling is thickening turn on the oven to 350 degrees, when the oven is ready transfer the filling into a casserole dish and top with the stuffing. Bake for 20 minutes or until the stuffing is brown and crispy around the edges, serve with fruit or green salad.