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Dunkin Clubs

2 - Hoagie Rolls (split open)
½ - Onion (caramelized)
4 Slices - Bacon (cooked)
4 Slices - Deli Honey Ham
8 Slices - Deli Smoked Turkey
8 Slices - Colby Jack Cheese
4 Tbs. - Whipped Cream Cheese
3 Tbs. - Kraft Dijonaise
1 - Roma Tomato
Shredded Lettuce

In a small dish mix the cream cheese and Dijonaise together, lay open the bread on a cookie sheet and spread each section with some of the cream cheese mixture. On top of the cream cheese lay out 4 ham slices and 4 turkey slices then top that with 2 strips of bacon, place some of the onions on top of the bacon and cover it with 2 slices of cheese. Place the Sammie’s under the broiler to melt the cheese and crisp the bread. When the Sammie’s are done pull them out of the oven and top with the lettuce and tomato. Place the top section on and slice diagonally. Serve with some fruit and you will have one great simple lunch or supper.