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Chicken Cutlets with Pesto Cream Sauce

1 1/2 lbs. - Chicken Breast Cutlets
3 Tsp. - Sour Cream
1 Tbs. - Dijon Mustard
3 Tbs. - Pesto
2 Tbs. - EVOO
Flour (for dredging)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Tenderize cutlets with a mallet. Dredge them in flour seasoned with salt & pepper. Heat oil in frying pan, and then fry cutlets on medium high heat for about 6-8 minutes per side. Remove chicken from the pan and set aside in the oven to stay warm. Pour off a little of the oil and add the sour cream, Dijon mustard and pesto to the pan. Lower the heat to medium and gently cook the mixture until smooth and creamy. Serve the cutlets alongside some roasted garlic and olive oil couscous and ladle some sauce down over the cutlets.