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Turkey Stuffing Cups

1 Box - Frozen Puff Pastry Cups
3/4 C. - Leftover Stuffing
1 C. - Leftover Turkey Gravy
1/2 C. - Diced Leftover Turkey

Prepare the pastry cups according to the directions on the box. In a medium pot re-heat the stuffing with 1/2 C. of the turkey gravy. In another small pot or microwave safe dish re-heat the other 1/2 C. of gravy. When the pastry cups are done cooking remove the tops and spoon in equal amounts of stuffing into each cup, then top with equal amounts of turkey in each cup or you can put equal amounts of stuffing and turkey in a small dish mix together and then spoon into each cup. Top off each cup with a drizzle of the remaining gravy. Serve with leftover cranberry sauce, vegetables and fruit salad.